I’m Jim Augerinos a lifelong car enthusiast that has been building and dreaming up cars since I was a kid. I decided turn my passion for designing cars and trucks from a hobby into a business. A backyard builder that spend nights and weekends in the garage wrenching on the latest project. I design and build these trucks as if I was keeping them for myself. I was on the search for a 47-53 Chevy truck to build and have spent the past two years searching for that perfect truck. During the time I spoke with many vendors, shop owners, truck owners and made a ton of new friendships. I attended shows, cars and coffee events, basically asked as many questions and did as much research as I could about these old trucks. I came to the realization that instead of looking for the truck I had envisioned I needed to build it the way I wanted it. Once I had the connections and the know how that’s just what I did. In the process I realized how much I enjoy the build process and that once it’s built I got bored and wanted to do it again. The wife wouldn’t be happy with a driveway full of old rusty trucks, so I decided to sell the trucks after finishing them and having some fun driving them to local shows and even letting friends borrow them for weddings or photo shoots. That’s how the idea for Patinatruck.com came into being.

I travel the country searching fields, barns, garages, swap meets, in search of the ideal truck. Most of my inventory are former work trucks that are just waiting to be restored to their former glory so our customers can experience the thrill of driving a piece of history. I have been known to travel to the middle of nowhere in Nebraska during the middle of winter to find a field full of old trucks just waiting for their resurrection. The trucks I build are also about the people we purchase them from and each has a story to tell. I try to pay homage to the trucks by naming them after the owner or the family member that drove the truck on the farm and in the fields. I keep in touch with the owners and show them the finished product once it’s done.

I love shiny paint jobs like the next guy. But I  hate spending the whole weekend detailing those shiny paint jobs. I prefer to find trucks with original paint, rust, patina, dents, and dings. I believe that tells the story of the truck and you can never replicate what Mother Nature has done over the course of 50 years. I have always modified my vehicles to be different than everyone else, so with a Patina truck you never run the risk of pulling up and seeing the same color on another truck. Occasionally I will have trucks that will have paint jobs, however the color with be something custom and one off not seen on another old truck.

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