1963 c10 short bed fleetside aptly named “Gumby”


This truck was only located 40 minutes from where I live, for once I didn’t have to drive 1000 miles to find him. Gumby was super solid when I found him, and the gentleman had just lost interest and it was time to move on. We hadn’t done a stock looking remodel in a while and decided this truck would be the perfect canvas to take the truck back to what it might have looked like brand new in 1963. We decided to keep it super simple and not do anything crazy as quite frankly these trucks look amazing in stock form.

The Heart of gumby is a strong running and throaty sounding 350 SBC. The motor runs perfect and was just updated with the basic bolt ons like headers, aluminum intake, 4-barrel carburetor, electronic ignition, new plugs and wires and dual exhaust with flowmaster mufflers. We also replaced the entire body harness front to back with new wiring. We left the 3 speed on three manual transmission because it’s just fun as hell to shift and get the visceral experience of actually driving this great riding and handling old truck. We do have a brand new 3speed TH350 Automatic that can go with the truck should the new owner prefer an automatic. The Fuel system is also brand new from the tank, sending unit and lines. We didn’t want to slam this one to the ground so went subtle with the lowering kit, rear notch, and new shocks. The truck handles and rides like a dream for being close to 60 years old. New 15″ tires on stock style wheels with re pop 64-66(no one makes re pop 63 caps) compliment the overall look we tried to achieve with this truck.

Cosmetically the truck was straight, and we only needed to fix a handful of small rust areas with new metal. After that we sanded the body down and laid down the GM Sea Foam Green that just screams 50’s and 60’s when you see it on a car or truck. I love the side spears on these trucks and thought painting the upper part of the cab white to match would be a nice touch. All the exterior chrome/stainless is new apart from the grill which is aluminum and original. We replaced all the glass as well as the weather stripping and seals. We replaced the wood in the bed with pine and some neutral stain that compliments the classic look we tried to achieve with this truck.

For the interior we kept with the theme of simplicity and originality. We recovered the factory seat, repainted the interior, laid down sound deadening material and new carpet. The factory gauges didn’t have at chance of working and were replaced with Dolphin gauges. We added a retro sound head unit complete with Bluetooth if you feel you need to listen to music (the V8 is my preferred soundtrack to listen to). We did upgrade the door latches to Altman easy latches for ease of opening and shutting the 58-year-old doors.

Gumby is an ode to an old cartoon Character (showing my age LOL) and was my wife’s idea. She saw the color and instantly said Gumby and it stuck. This truck shows well and is prime specimen for someone looking for an affordable 60’s pickup truck that doesn’t want a show queen or wants to spend 6 figures to completely restore one. Gumby is a great driver and can see the new owner having fun tooling around town, going to the hardware store, taking a nice leisurely Sunday drive (in fact that’s what I plan to do after writing this).






$22 ,900
Body 60-66
Make Chevy
Engine 5.7
Year 1963
Transmission Manual
Drive RWD
Exterior Color Green
Interior Color Brown
Suspension Static Drop